July 8, 2017

WYH Recap: Gregory Lamberson 06/15/2017 @WithoutYourHead

Recap of Gregory Lamberson on 

Recap of Gregory Lamberson Interview

Host Nasty Neal Lee Jones welcomed American filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson to Without Your Head Horror Radio.  Among the topics for discussion during an engaging 90-minute interview were his career, his cult classic “Slime City”, and his upcoming movie “Johnny Gruesome” that has been over thirty years in the making.

Highlights included the following: 

WYH:  Your latest movie “Johnny Gruesome” is soon to be coming out.  For people not familiar with the book, what is it about? 

GL:  “Johnny Gruesome is a high-school kid named Johnny Grissom, and he’s a heavy metal dude, and a horror fan, and a partier.  He goes out on a drunken joy ride with some of his friends, and he’s really pissed off because he’s been in a fight that day, and he’s been suspended, and his old man is giving him a hard time.  Things get out of hand and one of his buddies ends up killing him, and just as they tend to do in these situations the other kids try and cover it up and make it look like an accident.  And because he’s a horror fan, he comes back as a zombie of sorts to get revenge.  In truth, he’s an angry spirit who quickly realizes that as a ghost he’s impotent to inflict damage on people, and so he possesses his own corpse and puppets it.
And that’s his means of revenge.  He walks around looking like a decomposing zombie, and he has the wisecracks and stuff.  You know, we’re promoting it as based on this book that I wrote but in fact it’s a script that I wrote way back in 1984; it was the second screenplay I ever wrote, right after “Slime City.”

July 1, 2017

WYHRecap" Felissa Rose Interview - 06/22/2017 @WithoutYourHead

Recap of Felissa Rose on
Without Your Head Horror Radio, 06/22/2017


Host Nasty Neal welcomed horror icon Felissa Rose, best known for her role as Angela Baker in the cult classic slasher film “Sleepaway Camp”, to Without Your Head Horror Radio for a fun interview that touched upon the legacy of “Sleepaway Camp” and a discussion of her more recent work.  

Highlights included the following:

WYH:  How did your parents feel about you playing Angela in “Sleepaway Camp”?

FR:  “Oh my gosh.  You know what, I have the coolest parents.  My dad has since passed on, but my mom was so amazing about it.  They read the script, and they thought:  This is really fun!  This is a fun movie!  They just figured it was kids at camp.  My mom…she felt like I shouldn’t do the hands in the kill scenes, and that was her only reservation.  Other than that it was really just like chill, and everybody was awesome, and we had the best time like we were really at Sleepaway Camp.”  

June 22, 2017

An explanation for my absence and an apology

I have a confession to make....

I'm not going to spend an hour or so boring everyone but I feel it is time I face the truth, explain some things, and issue many apologies.

I started this blog at first for my enjoyment and a way to get my name 'out there' I had hopes of this taking off and leading to something more. I love to read and have since I was young. Combine that with my love of horror and nerdy side and you have a career to love. That's what I thought. But I have to swallow the hard pills that are truth and reality and admit that these dreams will never come to pass.

I suffer from lymphedema in both my legs. I have had it since I was 10 or 11 after breaking my ankle. It has compromised my dreams and replaced them with pain,embarrassment, and depression. The constant swelling in my lower extremities causes lots of pain and prohibits what I can do physically. I can't sit at the table or couch for more than twenty minutes without excruciating pain. Laying flat in bed offers a little relief but not enough to help. My legs are unsightly and I hate going out in public. I spend most of my time inside and in my bed. The only medical help available to me are some compression stockings that slightly reduce the swelling but not enough to aid in walking.

Sorry I went off and this is longer than I wanted it to be, but you gals/guys deserve to know the reason for my inactivity.

I started reviewing because it gave me something to do while laying flat on my back. I would write notes about the book I was reading and muster up the strength to get on my pc and type it up and post it. I got arrogant and tried to push myself more than I should have and agreed to do many reviews; thinking I'd be able to read and review each book in a reasonable time frame.

I admit that I am a failure. I let down fellow fans and authors, who I gave my word that I would review their books. I've got stacks of books and eBooks that I agreed to review and I plan to but it's happening at a way slower pace.

For all the author's I have agreed to review your works and haven't. I'm sorry. I understand if the trust is broken now I truly do. But I will review your book even if the review isn't as in depth as some of my others.

From one horror fan to another, Keep It Gorey!

April 24, 2017

Picaro: A Tale Of Extreme Horror @TerryMWest

Picaro: A Tale of EXTREME Horror

Author: Terry M. West
Available June 30th
Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Binh Pham is a street hustler who suffers from narcolepsy. After his pimp is killed by a Mexican drug cartel, Binh realizes they are coming for him next. On the run, he thumbs his way down Interstate 45, a heavily wooded straight shot between Houston and Dallas. He meets Paul Marrane, an eccentric and charismatic road scholar. Paul travels with Binh, acting as protector and friend. But Paul's odd behavior soon turns dangerous. Convinced his road companion is a lethal psychopath, Binh discovers Paul Marrane is much worse than that. As the two men travel the dusty road, their odyssey becomes a harrowing nightmare from which there is no escape. PICARO is a bloody road trip to Hell from acclaimed author of horror, Terry M. West.

Sometimes I like to lay back and dig into something that's nasty, violent, and entertaining as hell. I picked Picaro: A Tale Of Extreme Horror because of the author's previous titles. Did this one disappoint? Keep reading below to find out.....